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Starting her career in the mind body spirit field, on the management team for the national Mind Body Spirit Festivals around Australia, a few years in, Tiffani realised she was on the 'wrong side' of the festivals, and that her desire was to empower people in a more personal way.

Since the early 2000's, Tiffani has become internationally known for empowering people and facilitating change in their bodies and their lives. She uses her increasing expansion into more awareness, possibilities & consciousness to affect change - initially on an energetic level which allows something different to show up physically - both in your life and/or your body!

Tiffani has empowered people to change all sorts of areas of their lives, including money, relationships, family, work and bodies - from weight, to eating habits, to starting to come out of a place of self-judgement and more into a space of joy with their bodies and their lives.


Is it time for you to have more of YOU in your life?

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