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What is The Gift Of a Gentleman & The Potency Of a Lady?

Sul Wynne-Jones & Tiffani Brennan cordially invite you to 

Lounging with Ladies & Gentlemen 

~ a Special Evening

Captain's Club Hotel & Spa ~ Christchurch UK.

Sept 25th, 2019 ~ 7pm (BST).
~ Simply join us for a drink or Join us for a drink & stay for the Real Fun!!

Is it time to change the status quo of what it means to be a 'man' and what it means to be a 'woman' in the world?

You are invited to join Sul Wynne-Jones & Tiffani Brennan, Access Consciousness Certified Facilitators, to discover a different possibility ~ one that aims to bridge the gap between Man & Lady, Woman & Gentleman. 

What if you could have a greater sense of peace with yourself and a place where you didn't feel you had to fight for everything you truly desire? 

** Click Button Above To Join us for a drink & stay for the class ~ £150!  
To Simply join us for a drink (free to attend) ~ See 'Join us for a drink' Button Below,


The first part of the evening ~ Free to join! 


Have you ever felt like the way you function... in life, business, relationships or sex is more like the the opposite sex is said to function?

What if we flipped the definitions of what you should be, as a man or as a woman...? 


You're invited to come play... with a gentleman and a lady in the UK!!!


£150 (and the Gents are welcome too)!


Gentlemen ~ Is it time for men to have a place where you can talk about what you desire and for women to receive this vital information?

Ladies ~ Do you ever really give yourself the space to discover what is true for you? Or are you always more caught up in what everybody around you needs, requires & desires?

This evening is based on the books, 'Return of the Gentleman' by Dr. Dain Heer and "The Gentlemen's Club" by Gary M. Douglas, and the book 'Salon Des Femmes' & The 'Lady ~ The Elegance of Needless' series by Gary M. Douglas.

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